Just in case you missed the news, the free-to-play tank battle game Tanki X is no more. In fact, the game shuttered with the transition into the new year. The closure was announced early last year, offering players a good amount of time to get used to the idea.

The developer offered a few reasons for deciding to close the game, the most notable being that there’s simply too much competition in the PC gaming market. The game’s paid features have been offline since September. With the start of 2020, the servers are being disabled and player data deleted. The website and wiki are scheduled to be disabled as well.

For those still interested in playing some form of Tanki, the browser-based Tanki Online and smartphone options still exist.

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  1. Not surprised given AlternavaPlatform’s incompetence and

    I played this game in Open Beta, Pretty fun, but after the full release they opted for lootbox based progression. The modules (powerups you could use by using the number keys) just got weirder and more broken, and the playerbase kept leaving. Couple that with a matchmaker system that took forever, it’s no wonder this game is closed.

    And if you’re thinking about joining Tanki Online…don’t. Game is bleeding players left and right because the lead developer doesn’t give a crap about player opinion and forcing utterly random changes. It’s also horribly p2w and a painful grindfest, coupled with a rigged Matchmaker to make you play more. (Lead developer CONFIRMED this on a livestream.)


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