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About the game:
Title: Tanki X
Status: Closed Graphics: 3D
Developer: Tanki Online Europe Ltd.
Publisher: Tanki Online Europe Ltd.

Tanki X is a free-to-play, tank battling game that’s heavy on the action and fun, but not without its own take on strategy and tactics. Outfit your tank to match your play style and take it into fierce and ferocious battles against up to 20 other players. You’ll need fast reflexes, daring, targeting skills, and a little luck to prevail!

The match types in Tanki X include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. While some level of teamwork is important, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to go out on your own and wreak havoc. With your winnings, you can upgrade your tank with weapons such as a flamethrower or shotgun, and improve your maneuverability or survivability with a new hull. You can also improve your weapon and hull and become an unstoppable juggernaut on the battlefield!

Explosive Features:

  • Fast-paced Action
  • Tank Customization
  • Deathmatches and CTF

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System Requirements

Tanki X Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 / Mac OS or Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
Processor: Intel Core i3 3225, i3 3245
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free disk space
Video Card: Intel HD graphics 4000

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  1. TankiX was shut down on January 1st of this year as the game didn’t gain enough traction to fulfill in its goal of replacing Tanki Online, the award winning arcade game from 2010 on which TX is based. Instead TO will be improved and stay alive for many more years.

  2. I downloaded the game ONLY to find you cant create an account anymore to play. – what a waste of a download and an opportunity of what looks like a great game! 🙁

  3. I was a Beta Tester (I came from Tanki Online) and in the first minute i liked it already. Even more fast paced and even more customization options. The graphics are great and the game easily runs on low-end pc’s.


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