Following a recent post on Reddit, with a video showing a five-player team ganging up on other players in Fortnite Battle Royale‘s solo mode, Epic Games has stated they will take actions against such players. According to the Reddit thread, while players can’t literally team up in solo-mode, they can beat the system — most likely by synching when they launch the mode and coordinating in a third party chat program. Some players note that it’s also likely players just note the lobby code and compare in order to assure they end up together. Some players have reported teams with as many as 17 players.

Obviously, this is not the intended way to play the game’s solo mode, and Epic definitely doesn’t want players doing this. According to PCGamesN, the company noted that “teaming in Solo is against the rules and will result in Epic Games taking action” against players who do so. In fact, they’ve reportedly taken care of the group shown in the video, and ask players to report any other sightings.

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  1. Good. Other games should do the same. I hate when playing some FPS and I’m in a team where nobody is in a group, but the enemy are either in a group or in the same clan or both and they wipe the floor with us and we don’t stand a chance. Matchmaking should pit such players against others like them.

    • Agreed. It’s about time companies started policing certain activities in games. Some players just love to be arses, and try to ruin the enjoyment for others, all just for their own egotistical fantasies.

      Nice to see them taking gaming a little more seriously, for once.


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