Team Shooter Second Wave Issues Apology And Makes Early Access F2P Following Criticism

Since it is on Steam, though, accessing it is a little weird right now.

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Two weeks ago, team-based shooter Second Wave started their early access period on Steam on May 31st. The early access came with a $30 price tag, though, and this apparently turned off many who may otherwise have given the title a shot.

The price tag was pretty prohibitive, apparently, as the game topped out at 314 players on Steam Charts and players seemed to have a tough time convincing their friends to hop in with them. Challengers Games has heard the criticism and are shifting the early access to be free-to-play (F2P).

Starting today, you can head to Steam and try out the shooter. There's a bit off an odd quirk here though. The team couldn't just convert the full title over to being free on Steam since it is in early aceess. This means that the $30 version of the game is still on Steam. However, a new "demo" button has been added. This demo is actually the full version of the game, just F2P. You'll be playing with paying players on the same servers, so matches should take a bit less time to fire.

The $30 version will remain available for the rest of the month if you want to support the game.

If you already bought the game, you'll be receiving $100 of in-game currency as compensation. This includes anyone that opts to purchase the game going forward, too. The early access attendance event will also continue, but these gems will only be available for those that purchase the game.

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