Tencent Drops Official Announcement Trailer For Global Version Of “WoW Replacement” Tarisland

The sandbox MMORPG is coming to mobile and PC globally this year.

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Tarisland Announcement Trailer

Tarisland, the sandbox MMO developed by Tencent to replace World of Warcraft in China following Blizzard’s exit from the market, is a step closer to launching globally. A little less than a month after the global website launched, Tencent dropped an official announcement trailer for the MMORPG. Mostly, it offers players a look at the game’s aesthetic – which is very WoW-like, but in a cuter way.

Of course, it’s not a proper comparison. For one thing, it’s a sandbox MMO. The trailer gives a bit of story background. Although, the press release provided a good bit more. According to that, the story stems back to the birth of the universe and three primordial gods: Leith, Acheron, and Moira, who were linked to the start and end of the planets. One of these planets was Taris – which is under threat from the god Acheron, so players will set out on an adventure to stop the eventual destruction of their world.

In addition to a world filled with different biomes, civilizations and cultures, and a variety of races, Tarisland includes ten different game modes. These offer a variety of quests and things for players to do. The game also includes nine different, fully customizable classes. Each has two types of specialization and more than 40 talents. Characters are further customized with gear sets, attribute points, costumes, and mounts. Interested players will get a chance to check the game out soon, as a closed beta is on the way in June.

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