The question of “Who is Tencent buying?” needs to be followed up with “today?” because the Chinese gaming giant seems to be making acquisitions roughly every day. Yesterday, it was reported that Tencent had agreed to purchase British dev Sumo Digital for $1.27 billion, and today comes news that Sweden’s Stunlock Studios will also be under the Tencent banner.

The deal is for a majority share in the Battlerite developer, described by Stunlock as “empowering the studio,” which will “maintain both its identity and corporate structure.” The two companies had been working together since 2016, when Stunlock launched Battlerite in China. Its next title is the upcoming vampire-themed survival game V Rising.

In addition to the announcements about Stunlock Studios and Sumo Digital, one of Tencent’s existing developers is also making news. Pokémon Unite dev TiMi Studios has opened a AAA studio in Montreal, with plans to “focus on the creation and development of an original intellectual property” described as an “ambitious AAA, service-driven open-world game.” It will be originally be made for PCs and consoles, but TiMi eventually plans to “let gamers all over the world play how they want regardless of platforms.”

TiMi already has studios in Los Angeles and Seattle, with the latter working on a “multi-platform shooting game based on an entirely new IP.” The studios are still ramping up production and looking to bring on plenty of new talent, as evidenced by the many openings on its careers page.



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