TERA Announces January Events For Leveling, Enchantments, And More


Gameforge is already gearing up to make sure Tera players have something to do out of the gate for 2021. In fact, yesterday, they dropped a post highlighting a few events taking place in January. For the most part, these are small events intended to provide players with gear, supplies, quests boosts, and extra loot. These events are scattered throughout the month starting tomorrow with the first Better Enchantment Chances event that will provide players a one-third increase to enchantment chances applied to the following:

  • Dauntless & Manaforce Azart Gear
  • Flawless & Master’s Duranium Gear
  • Dark Light, Annihilation, and Eternal Gear
  • Mythical gear

Also included in the month of events is a low-cost dungeon entry event that provides players access to nine different dungeons for fewer adventure coins. There’s also a double dungeon loot event. Finally, there’s the League of Levelers event for those working their way up to level 70. More details on all of these — including a link to the handy google drive document outlining the calendar for the month — can be found on the Tera site.


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