Cinderboy’s translations over at MMO Culture reveal that TERA will not be online for much longer in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. OMG Digital Entertainment and Bluehole Studio could not work out a deal to keep the game live and servers will become inactive on November 18th.

All is not lost for TERA players in the region though as OMG will retain the player database they have and will turn that data over to a new publisher when Bluehole Studios finds one.

We’ll have to keep on the lookout for more information on Bluehole’s search for a publisher in the region and no estimated date of service restoration is currently available.

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  1. The issue is with the publisher, Gameforge has more anti-fans than players due to the way they manage microtransactions versus content updates. They prefer to load the game with sellables and stay constantly behind other regions on actual content on almost all of the titles on their publishing list. It used to be a half decent company but not any more. I doubt they will re-attempt in the region and it is more likely they will publish a combined international server for multiple regions and transfer the accounts. Once a game is tagged with the taint of a bad publisher they are pretty much screwed, the same happens in any region of the world. Kind of like how many of us hate perfect world in the us for pretty much the same reason they hate game forge.

  2. I like this comment thread. I’m amused at how seriously people take themselves, and video games for that matter.

    On topic: … cool story 🙂

  3. when i see that 80% are elins, i think …. they must be girls right ? they cant be all boys … this is too damn retarded and pedophile

  4. Well is Asia, and they have way more games than it is over in the U.S.
    That is another reason why they are unable to keep up with the market there.
    It is sad that there are many good games out there in CN, Korea,JP, but only countable ones are being released overseas.
    The Asian companies afraid that the game codes they share for hotfix or updates might reveal the technique and might also given an insight to other countries and that is why they does not want to risk it.

  5. its definitely understandable that some of the lesser known providers that arent doing well are closing. Now if only they could say to hell with gameforge ;p worst company evah

  6. Tera is a not so bad game though, why report this I mean if there going to find a new publisher like any mmo would do. Seeing it’s tera I doubt they will have trouble finding a new publisher to pick it up soon.

    • They are reporting because its big news, a mainstream game closing in a region.

      But maybe one of the bigger publishers will snap it up.

      • You’re the sort of re****d piece of ignorant s**t people despise in games. Just because you don’t have the capacity to understand the races of a game nor do you seem to know what respect is, you smear your BS all over it.

        Perhaps it’s time for you to remove your head out of your a-hole and open your eyes. It’s a f***ing game and a lot of Asian mmos have races similar to Elins in TERA. It’s a part of their culture so don’t disrespect it like an id**t.

        • “understand the races of a game” typical angry virgin nerd comeback, it doesn’t matter wha the lore says about that freaking race, they look and certanly are underage girls to anyone and that’s is the actual FACT, i bet your’e the kind of person that ragequit everytime someone’s says that anime is a cartoon…

        • its not culture to be respected, its just a marketing technique to bring in more players, namely weirdos

          I th8nk that you have no idea about culture in asia, because normal people there dont care about pedophile stuff, only weirdos do, and if you somehow feel insulted, take your hair out your ass and breathe in some fresh air, because we arent living in anime land


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