Three years ago today, En Masse Entertainment unleashed TERA and to this day “action combat” MMORPGs still find their combat being compared to this free to play title. May is already a big month for TERA with the new Gunner class and Steam client both launching next week on May 5th, but next Tuesday will also see the release of “Elite Status Vouchers.” These vouchers allow you to purchase 30 days of elite (subscription) benefits and will be able to be traded in-game for those that would rather pay a player in game currency for a month’s subscription. Basically, the return of the old Chronoscrolls if you played at launch.

That’s not all though! En Masse also has a number of events planned throughout the month of May to celebrate turning 3 years old. An upcoming XP event will net players double experience and rewards at certain levels (starting at level 12) through June 2nd. May 12th introduces the return of the T.E.R.A. event where collecting letters can earn you a permenant, stamina regenerating mount.

The rest of 2015 doesn’t appear to be slowing down for the action MMORPG as plans for two new dungeons, a new 15v15 battleground, Tier 7 gear, and changes to quality of life systems (and the Nexus!) will be coming later this year.

Check out Treeshark’s full post for more details.

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  1. tera seriously traumatized me with their pve the grind was plain unbearable the enviroments are beautiful yes but EVERY…..FUC/KING……AREA starts with you having 10 to 20 monsters killing quests. wich is REALLY destroying my gaming experience.

    many players prolly say end game is awsome tough blah blah blah *SLAP* SHUT UP!!! if the game can’t entertain me in the first 40 -50 levels the pve SUCKS.

    • You are not a mmorpg. GTFO out of this site and stop posting. ALL mmorpgs have this. TERA is one of the easy ones. 20?? LOL for half the game it is only 10, then later 20 and once around mid level a few 50 mob kills (usually they are in groups as well, like 5 bunched up little guys to spam kill).
      Go play another mmorpg and welcome to kill 100 or 200 and just for 1% HP. You fail troll. Go back to “shower me in rewards” SIngle player hello kitty for DS.

      • true the grind in this game is a bit easier than in others.
        altho u r wrong saying that every game has the grind… guild wars and guild wars 2 doesnt. TESO (even tho i dont like it) doesnt really have either. black desert (if it hopefully will be released) isnt that grind heavy either. donno but i am sure there are more mmos.
        so calm down on ur statement

  2. This is one of the least p2win games ever.

    So many people love dressing up their elins that no aspect of the game is pay to win, especially if you’re a founder (like me).

    This is why I love games like this, people will pay hundreds/thousands to dress up and look cute so I can play for 100% free and play ALL of the content.

    • hell yea i love that even with founders or even there subscription you only get small things like xp and stuff to make you want to pay for it but also not unbalancing the game with it. its very well done

  3. A Longstanding Unfixed/Unbalanced Issue in Tera
    Elins have high range (the highest) on attacks & skills over several classes & has low cast time animations & a mini hitbox.

    Meanwhile braka & amani suffer greatly from the opposite (yes cat sized lolis have more range than giants that can throw across football fields).

    Many years many technical proof threads filled with dozens & dozens of pages, never fixed…in a game where pve is filler shit, it matters, it really matters.

    I want some cake ,_,

    • firstly they fix most bugs fast secondly every single game has bugs out the ass.

      Other then that tera is a great game pve is fun with plenty to do and constantly going for the new gear thats added often and the pvp is amazing. so what if one race can hit a tiny bit further its not game breaking in the slightest.


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