In honor of TERA‘s 5th anniversary, En Masse Entertainment is highlighting the game’s dungeons; offering players a chance at special items. They’ve elected to start with the Demokron Factory (Hard) dungeon. From now until May 15, players taking part in this dungeon will have a chance to earn one of the following items in a bonus drop:

  • Airborne Assault loot box ×1
  • Dress For Success loot box ×1
  • Caprin Horn ×10
  • Tier 11 feedstock ×100

In addition, anyone beating the dungeon between now and the 15th will also earn an Anniversary Token. More information is available on TERA’s blog.

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  1. This is part of what is wrong in TERA at the moment. NO IT IS NOT JUST third party add ons. It is 1) Spacecats getting callout out on his faulty and useless knowledgebase in his own recycled 4 year old events. + content. And known issues.

    2) Spacecats and team ignoring major issues and brushing them off as “off sets” (in one awesome video no youtube you can see an event dungeon kill everyone as soon as you spawn. Spacecats forced to admit it as a problem, then literally blamed another palyer, and just said “everything is going as planned”).

    3) Third party add ons included damage meters and FPS localization boosts. Spacecats had no idea how to tell between a hack and a good add on, so they just threw everything under ToS. No issues, except they went on a blaming a hacker explosion in the game and everyone that had previously called him out (usually the hevily inveted in this game in both time and money) he banned. And then snoody remarks all over forums. And forum thread removal.

    4) Snoody snarky remarks and playing victim card.

  2. You forgot to copy an paste the end where they say after the yesterdays patch the dungeon drops anniversary tokens. They can be used to purchase the following:
    5 Tokens: Strong Canephora Potion
    5 Tokens: Strong Bravery Potions
    5 Tokens: Valiant Potion
    15 Tokens: Federation Supply: Goddess’s Blessing
    35 Tokens: Rowdy Rodeo Loot Box
    35 Tokens: Chromaplasm Weapon Skin Loot Box
    35 Tokens: Squared Circle Loot Box
    40 Tokens: True Ultimate Elin Elite Loot Box
    550 Tokens: Blizzat’s Remembrance (Smart Box)
    600 Tokens: Flying Skill: Orville
    600 Tokens: Conjurer’s Costume (Smart Box)
    600 Tokens: Formal Wear Costume Box (Smart Box)


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