TERA players will be taking to the skies in the next update for the game, Aerial Island, which concludes the Skywatch series of updates that began in April. The update lands on PC for North American players in October and adds, well, an aerial island, Exodor, which has four new zones packed with quests and TERA’s signature Big-Ass Monsters (BAMs), as well as updated dungeons.

There are a few events running in the month of October to help players prepare for the new content. A leveling event is running from now through Oct. 15 that gives players “a host of beneficial rewards at certain level milestones” as they level characters, while two events run from Oct. 1-15: one that gives better chances of enchanting and more enchanting rewards dropped from dungeons, and another that offers better drops from “select high-level dungeons.”

Also kicking off Oct. 1 is the Harvest Festival, which should help get everyone into the Halloween spirit throughout the month. Serena at the Eldritch Academy is the person to talk to about getting you started with “blasting enemies with candy cannons.” Hey, if it shoots Jolly Ranchers at a high enough rate of fire, a candy cannon could be lethal!


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