A new tank class is coming to Bluehole Studio’s action-combat MMO TERA. The new class, named the Brawler, is one of several new additions arriving in the game’s newest update “Knockout” this December.

Tera’s Executive Producer spoke with Gamesbeat about the free-to-play MMO’s new Brawler class, explaining how it differs from other MMO tanks saying that, “Traditional MMO tanks tend to grab aggro with taunts and keep mobs focused on them using skills that hold attention but don’t usually deal much damage.” He added, “Tanks also tend to stand in one place for long periods of time, soaking up damage while cycling through a series of skills to maintain aggro. It’s a hard job, but it’s not really all that much fun.”

In addition the update will include two new dungeons — the pirate-themed Kalivan’s Dreadnaught, and the Forsaken Island, and new end-game armor.

More information about TERA is available on the official site.

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  1. Even if they are limited to how much they can do to class. Its not an excuse. Simple solution would be create a class for specific race for both genders. But no, more strong female classes.
    Some say they don’t like to watch a dude’s ass. Well these games are called mmorpg for a reason. I like to create a male character with looks I like. Get cool skills and armor. It’s like your own avatar.
    So I don’t play female characters unless it’s a game like league of legends.
    And since Tera came out there are three classes. First is a disaster in my eyes. This game is out for so long and not a single new male class…

  2. To those wondering, the reason they do specific race/gender locked classes is because (despite Tera’s popularity) they don’t have unlimited resources with which to create hundreds of new animations for every new class. The developers stated that the issue was limited resources way back when the reaper class was released, and it was made pretty clear that future classes were going to be the same, so this isn’t exactly a big shocker. There will be more classes (albeit gender/race locked, but also including male-specific classes) in the future, so if you have a problem with playing a female character, then play a different class, or wait for a new one. As it stands, berserker, warrior, and sorcerer are still the most effective in PvP, and a tank class that fills the brawlers exact role already exists (warrior) so I see no problem.

  3. Oh wow, I really hope this class isn’t gender locked like most of the Strong classes(Female Only Alts)
    This is very annoying, it really bothers me that Devs over see Females tooo much in MMOs as they have the superior class ever or so. Love Tera but please stop with gender locked classes, its old and not so fun. I’m a “Male” and I want to be a male only character.

  4. Thats what the warrior class is for in Tera. Dont know why they dont consider warrior a tank class any more (at least on dungeon matcher) and release this class that is supposed to introduce the flashy high DPS tanking that is already on the warrior…. *facepalm*

  5. At least it’s not a freaking Elin. To bad i have performance issue:(Not coming back if they optimize the client,wich will never happen.

    • Tera is one of the best optimized game out there. It can almost run on every potato. I’m guessing you’re running it on a brick.

        • It’s because Tera only utilizes 1 core which sets every AMD Bulldozer/Vishera (the processors with 8 cores 8 threads) to huge disadvantage due to their low single core capabilities. But also, your graphicscard is meh.

          • I play it on a 4 years old $500 AMD laptop (A8) no dedicated graphics, and can get sustained 30 fps medium preset details @720p. looks and runs way better than any other game on that laptop. Stop that Tera vs AMD crap… its all bs.

          • its not about ur systems specs ffs. tera is truly shitty optimized.
            i got an i7 4770k @4,4ghz and msi gtx 980 and 16gb corsair vengeance.
            if there are more than 20 players around i get 20fps or below. it has nothing to do with any of ur system specs. that game just sucks (i mean i love it, but performance sucks)
            well, u can actually tweak ur performance with deactivating the frame limiter which u can set to 0 in the config folder of tera but still, that game is one of the most poor optimized games i know


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