TERA‘s got a new Arsenal, and it’s not just about weapons. That’s the name of today’s update to En Masse Entertainment’s action-combat free-to-play MMORPG, which adds two new max-level dungeons and major changes to how players acquire gear at max level.

In the Thaumetal Refinery, goblins are being used as slave labor and test subjects, as archdevans probe the capabilities of a mysterious new ore. The RK-9 Kennel is the domain of “big, stompy robots,” which will prove a challenge for even the ablest of heroes. Also, there are lasers.

Max-level gear progression is the other major change in this update, as level 65 players will receive a fresh set of gear that they can then upgrade during gameplay, both by accumulating XP on the gear itself as well as by finding enchanting materials in dungeons and battlegrounds, and from world bosses and quests.

Finally, for those with flameproof saddles, check out the new Phoenix mount in the TERA store. Learn about everything else the Arsenel update brings to the game on the TERA website.


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