TERA just had an update on consoles, but En Masse Entertainment is already prepping for its next update on PC. Titled Crescent Sea, it comes ashore in February and adds another new class-race combination and dungeon.

The elin valkyrie, like her castanic counterpart, wields a massive runeglaive that’s bigger than she is. To make room for the new combination, En Masse is increasing the number of available character slots in the game to 23. So I have to ask: Does anyone out there have 22 TERA characters already? If so, have you sought help?

Also coming in this update is a new max-level, five-player dungeon, Sea of Honor, in which players sail out into the open ocean and have to “battle against monsters and other seafaring vessels and avoid falling into the briny deep.” I guess if you have too many characters already, that’s one way to bump one off and make room.

Crescent Sea will come to PCs in February. En Masse Entertainment promises more details, as well as an exact launch date, next week.

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