We’re only a month removed from TERA’s Fate of Arun expansion and the next big update is just around the corner. Treeshark dropped the 2015 Producer’s Letter, and in it details not only the plans for 2015 as a whole, but delves into the free-to-play MMORPG’s next big update, due out in late February.

Guild housing has been a feature that many European and North American players have been anticipating for quite some time now. Interested guilds are going to have to earn it though. To earn a guild castle (did I mention they float in the sky for everyone to see?), guilds will have to take part in a competition. There will be a PvP and a PvE version of the competition with the top 10 guilds from each version of the competition earning Skycastles when the season closes.

Skycastles can be decorated and customized and even have their own flight path destination point once obtained.

The February update also includes both a normal and a hard mode of the new Sky Cruiser Endeavor instance, new Tier 6 gear, and the ability to “awaken” some of your gear to a +15 modifier. A 5v5 version of the Champions’ Skyring will also be added.

Check out the full letter for even more updates due out later this year.

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  1. Game is too far gone that most players probably upgraded their PCs by now so not that much fps problems. On the other had I just lost the taste for Tera atm. Castles is a nice idea though and I hope it makes game better.

  2. Guild castles, you say? Wow that’s fantastic and all..but about that fix for the FPS hog that is the UI? How about that, Bluehole? You ever gonna get around to that? Y’know..the issue that cripples tons of people in battlegrounds and end-game raids? No? Didn’t think so…

      • Yes it is that bad..I’d gladly invite you to search the forums. There have been a metric ton of posts concerning it. Blue Hole has known for months about this and they keep giving the equivalent of sony’s “soon” when it comes to the issue. I mean even GMs in that game during some of the raids have reported FPS in the single’s all there in posts on the game’s forum.

        • P.S. I realize EnMasse is simply the publisher and not the dev but they have sent reports of the UI FPS issues to blue hole repeatedly. Blue Hole seemingly doesn’t care enough as this has been known about for a long, long, long time and nothing has been done.


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