Recently, TERA announced that it had become the most played MMORPG on Steam when it came to concurrent users. That number may dip a bit after today’s news though. Starting tomorrow, June 11th, TERA will implement region locking on the Steam client of the game prohibiting downloads from certain countries in Europe and in Russia.


Well, En Masse Entertainment, publisher of the free to play MMORPG here in the West, won’t specifically call out names, but does say that “Our decision to enforce this region restriction was influenced by external pressure from the publishers of TERA in these regions.”

If you already downloaded the game on Steam then you’re fine (just don’t uninstall it or you may not be able to add the game back to your Steam library) but new players will either have to play the TERA available in their region or download En Masse’s client from the official site.

TERA is published in most of Europe by Gameforge and in Russia by Destiny Development so it seems like these two companies weren’t exactly thrilled with having players jump to En Masse’s Steam version even if the jump gives TERA as a whole larger recognition.

Take a look at the full post and let me know what you think of the decision below!

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  1. I had played GFs version of Tera and iam happy i moved from eu Germany to Enmasses Tera of NA. The comunity is right better and the hell if GF isnt learning what exactly enmasse does, Tera will shutdown in EU end of this year. Rather enmasse will take over the EU maybe too.

    Tera is far no Garbage, it has great Content and feels smooth.

    I am playing with dozens of people from my region together and worth paying some cash to support this too.

  2. It would help if the publisher for EU were any good, but they are not…all they do is force people off steam on onto the standalone client

  3. Screw Bluehole for giving the publishign rights to gameforge. I played on En masse and Gameforge for a bit, NA server is much better, but I can’t deal (don’t want to deal) with the 200 ping. Another game ruined by the a**hole developer who doesn’t give a fu*k about other regions.

  4. So… who cares, download it on official site just up until now.I dont see any players moveing to gameforge.
    Try again!!

  5. Gameforge have to go cry like a baby and get it blocked on steam, there’s a reason why many left for the U.S version and it wasn’t just because it was on steam although that did help a fair bit, pulling this BS will not bring players back to the EU version if that was their thinking far from it.

      • Yeah i know I was just making the point that it wasn’t just Steam that made people switch , i guess Steam gives the U.S version more advertising and such more players would maybe be interested in giving that one a try, but still if gameforge did a better job people wouldn’t have gone in the first place it’s that simple.

  6. Magicman this sucks! and because of this i quit tera… i dont whant to spend time and money on na and get restricted after 1 years because gameforge is an ass….. and i dont whant to play on gameforge so i quit!

    • Dude just download Tera now on steam and don’t uninstall, they will be enforcing the IP Ban cuz of legal terms, but it still has loopholes on that contract, meaning players already played in NA and on the regions of EU and Russian servers can still play just “DONT UNINSTALL” or just simply download it on their website, no biggie.

      • No the ban isn’t because of legal terms if that were the case they would block all access not just Steam, Steam gives them advertising that the EU version doesn’t get so the EU publishers got all pissy about it and complained.

        Had they had the brain cells themselves and added their version to steam as well there wouldn’t be a problem sadly the EU publishers are idiots and run the EU version like crap hence why so many leave for the U.S one.


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