TERA‘s Undying Update goes live today, and it’s got a new Forbidden Arena boss for you to take down. Your task will be to kill The Undying Warlord, which sounds impossible, but clever players will probably figure out how to do it. There are actually two of him, the regular Undying Warlord and the Nightmare Undying Warlord, which we’d imagine is like the original but more scary.

Classic level 60 dungeon Kezzel’s Gorge also returns for a limited time in this update, now in the form of a level 68 dungeon. Tokens from the dungeon can be redeemed for a variety of loot, including Giant’s Weapon and Armor Scrolls and a Dopey Cocomin partner.

Seghritto’s Devan Fragment Hunt commences with this update and runs until Oct. 6. Log in each day for items that will help you with top-tier crafting; the complete list of what you can acquire can be found on the TERA forums. Additionally, get a bonus 30% chance for enchanting and upgrading gear this weekend, from Friday through Sunday, during the appropriately named Enchanting Event.

Get the high-level details about today’s patch and all it entails on the TERA site or check out the patch notes on the forums.


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