TERA, the free to play, action combat MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment, has a bit of an unusual update going live today. Most of us are used to content updates adding things like dungeons and battlegrounds (and this update does add those as well) but most of the time you don’t see an update that changes the game for a single class type. In today’s “Go Berserk” update, TERA does just that by adding tanking abilities to the Berserker class once they hit level 65.

Adding new aggro generating skills to the Berserker, like “Intimidation” and “Punishing Strike” gives TERA players an extra option when looking for a tank to take some punishment while others dish out the DPS.

On the game content side, TERA’s update adds two 5 person dungeons, Timescape and a reworked Vault of Kaprima, both aimed straight at level 65 players. Akeron’s Inferno, a new 10 player raid, has been added as well.

PvP players get some love with the addition of the “Gridiron,” a new 15v15 deathmatch battle where the first team to earn 70 kills wins.

Fancy yourself as a TERA fashionista? Check out the new Dressing Room feature that allows players to see their character in other, even very rare, gear.

En Masse Entertainment has put together a full website just for this patch so take a look here as you get your client updated.

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  1. Oh and here I thought they where about to say something along the lines of “We decided to limit the Berserker class to just the female gender of races”

  2. If only this game utilized more than 2 cpu cores x.x It tries to do mass pvp and raids which arent enjoyable if you have 10 fps and the hardware that should be able to handle it.

  3. the combat in tera is so horrible , go play echo of soul at least it has awesome combat .
    tab targeting is superior to tera’s combat in everyway .
    the only non tab target game that ever got it right is raiderZ . everything else which uses “action” combat is an epic failure .

    • finaly another person that thinks raiderZ done right combat i just loved raiderz combat, and cant find game that could replace me that feeling of gameplay in mmo

    • Oh god echo of soul is so horrible. I would think that you are somehow joking, but you seem legitimately serious. I actually feel sorry for you

  4. If only the dressing room let you view all possible equipment and not mainly EMP stuff. Might as well add in the Fashion Coupon stuff.

  5. Who took over after initial release of the reaper? why haven’t they learn that gender locking shouldn’t be implemented at all in a game. bought when released when they weren’t F2P, the way they manage this potentially awesome game just makes me barf in my mouth.

    • So virgin nerds can use that child race so they can have fantasies and boners all day, that’s what it pays the most

    • It’s Korean. Gender locking is practically a staple. Look at Black Desert Online (arguably the most hyped MMO currently). Gender-locked classes galore. They did focus on making a male and female version of each of the classes, but there’s probably some kind of balance issue where one gender is more OP.


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