The 6th Season Of Dungeons & Dragons Online's Hardcore League Is Now Available Until October

Climb the player ranks and win a spot in the Hall of Heroes.

Anthony Jones
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Dungeons and Dragons Online Hardcore League

Dungeons & Dragons Online has released its sixth installment of the Hardcore League today. The season will run until October 24 giving players plenty of time to climb the league ladders and become immortalized in the Hall of Heroes for their achievements.

In the D&D Online Hardcore League, players will have goals to complete, and progress will be based on two factors for each of the two ladders: a player's ability to finish as many quests as possible and their survivability during the "hardest mode ever brought to the game." The top 100 winners of both player ladders will become immortalized in the Hall of Heroes at the end of the season. Those who finish their goals can also speak to the Hardcore League NPC to get rewards. These rewards will unlock a player's account and be used by other characters on any server:

All players will have access to the Hardcore League server regardless of account type, but there are restrictions to Standard accounts based on VIP status. However, season transfers from the Hardcore server are available for free to other game worlds and there's even a limited-time where secondary characters can be transferred for free when the league ends.

If you have any questions about the Hardcore League, you can refer to the game's announcement page and scroll through its FAQ section to learn more!

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