Snail Games USA announced the North American launch of The Chosen, their latest free-to-play MMORPG title. Gamers can begin a journey into legendary ancient China, where they must battle to restore peace in a world torn apart by war. In The Chosen, players must side with one of five ruling Dynasties within the Human Kingdom, and travel through vast landscapes and historical landmarks while fighting for the supremacy of their empire.

Gameplay features an opportunity for customization on a foundation of six character classes — Sword, Blade, Bow, Flute, Fan, and Scroll. Each class possesses different skills, with strengths ranging from physical and magic attacks to long and short-range tactics. Players will also participate in various quest and battle systems, select equipment from a myriad of discoverable items, create and train animal companions, advance through a skill tree that offers over 160 talents to master, and earn in-game prizes through an award system based on game achievements. Closed beta testers will receive their own exclusive award—the Reindeer Mount—for their participation.

Register to download and play The Chosen through the official website at


  1. I played CB and honestly it is like any usual chinese-themed martial arts mmorpg, but actually worse. If you want something like that, TLBB is way better.

  2. Looks like they just supped up Runescape a bit lol

    P.S Please dont start trolling about runescape it was just an observation!


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