The First Descendant Devs Talk About Feeling The Pressure As They Near The "Summer 2024" Launch Window

They're saying all the right things.

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The First Descendant Devs Feeling The Pressure

The First Descendant recently completed a crossplay open beta test, and the feedback from that test was tremendous for the development team. In the latest Dev Note, they talk about the pressure of living up to the hype and what they're up to in terms of implementing feedback and improving the game.

To summarize, the team feels more accountable now given the popularity of the game and how many players are looking forward to the live launch of the game this summer. The devs say that the crossplay open beta turned out better than they had anticipated and that they received lots of useful and actionable feedback from the test.

The team is also heavily focused on the endgame content and is aware that players may run through what is currently available in as little as three months, and that six to twelve months from now the novelty may have worn off. To combat this they are focused on new and improved end game content that will take players beyond the initial few months after the game's launch. The team is also working on improving in-game cinematics with rich storytelling.

Further improvements include making the world feel more full and increasing the likelihood that players will run into other players on the same mission in order to incentivize cooperation.

There's a ton of info in the new Dev Note and you can check it out on Steam.

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