The Knights Of The Round Table Meet Mech Shooter in GALAHAD 3093's Release

The team-based arena shooter goes free-to-play today.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Galahad 3093

If you like mechs, you like Arthurian legends, and you’re a fan of team-based arena shooters, then you may want to check out Simutronics's GALAHAD 3093. The game, currently in Early Access on Steam, went free-to-play today. In it, players pilot mechs known as Lances each the embodiment of iconic characters of Arthurian legend. Players can choose from eight different mechs, including Morgan (le Fay), Owain, Mordred, and even Arthur himself. Each boasts their own abilities inspired by their namesakes. For instance, Morgan can sneak using an invisibility cloak. The devs have taken some liberties with their inspiration, however, as Arthur can call in an orbital strike named the X-Calibur (Punny).

The Lances are customizable as well, allowing players to play with their stats, weapons, and more to create the best loadout for themselves. It doesn’t stop at the technical aspects either. Players can also add personal customizations such as paint jobs, holographic banners, and…nose art(?).

Players can compete on one of seven different battlefields including the frozen moon of Europa, the worm-infested Bayesian Canyons, and an industrial complex. Team up with eleven others to engage in 12v12 mech combat – which might seem like a bit of overkill, being mechs and all, but it promises some chaos.

The game is available to play via Steam right now. Players who purchased the game prior to today will receive a special Trailblazer’s Pack granting them 10,000 Gold and 1,500 Unlock Points worth a bit more than $30 USD.

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