The “Night Raven” Sou Slashes Into The Vindictus Lineup With Two Big Swords

The swordsman combines speed and strength in his fighting style.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Vindictus Sou

A new warrior has joined the ranks in Vindictus. Known as the “Night Raven”, the swordsman Sou has defeated the Son of Heaven from the eastern continent and is now moving west. He carries two swords, “Kodachi” and the “Odachi” and uses them to execute fast attacks. He also uses a technique known as “Shattered Sky” for powerful effects.

His core skill is “Distant Horizon” which uses the Kodachi to slash enemies while Odachi is used to perform upward attacks. Another ability, “Road to Ruin” is used to charge while slashing enemies.

To celebrate Sou’s arrival, Nexon is hosting the Sou Celebratory Package event. This event includes formal wedding outfits. In addition, special level up boxes are given to newly created characters or anyone below level 30 to help them increase their leveling speed in game.

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