Bluehole Studio, the same studio that brought us the 3D fantasy MMORPG Tera Rising, is turning some wrenches on a new Unreal Engine 3 engine based FPS Zombies Monsters Robots. As their previous shooter Mercenary Ops was never adapted for the west, En Masse Entertainment is in charge of this particular projects localization, which almost guarantees its arrival.

A completely chaotic campaign of portals embark the earth and pollute it with monstrosities, unleashing a collaboration of classic enemies to do their evil bidding across the globe. It is up to the citizens of Earth to unite and take back what is theirs from these walking nightmares, destroying the common enemy and reclaiming their planet as their own.

Along with your standard 8×8 versus mode is a co-op campaign which pits teams of 8 against hordes of foes and inevitable challenging bosses. There will also be a survival mode which tests a players ability to withstand the tribulations of standing tall against an evil siege in a world driven to madness and pandemonium.

Zombies Monsters Robots will be seeing a public Alpha stage in April, while launch is predicted for sometime this summer.

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  1. Hey guys if you see this post I have two codes sumited for here only for 2 to get into closed beta for ZMR

    Here are the 2 codes:
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    Good to the 2 people who get them and leave a thank for dakon12 for giving out this 2 closed beta keys.

  2. so many people getting excited bou this game fps or tps i guess i will probably give it a try since some people here are hyped bout it

  3. this is not developed by Bluehole. The developer is Yingpei Games.

    it is also not an FPS, it is a TPS.

    get your facts right

  4. Wait a min, Mercenary Ops is finally coming to the USA under a different name. HOLY CRAP, Do you guys know how awesome this is?
    I have been enjoying the russia version for the past 2 years, after the Philippians version was blocked for everyone not living in that area.
    Man i am hype.

  5. hmm idk man idk cant say anything yet i guess all we can do is wait and see i just hope its fps and not tps cause i am not that much into third person shooters

      • i went to this website which when u upload a picture from your pc or put a link of a picture(for example if u find a pic from google u like u put the link and it uploads it on the site)and it saves it and each time u post on mmobomb or any other webiste whihc is like this( know informs u of game news and such)the pic pops up but i dont remember the website i will look it up for u today if i got time(if not today then tomorrow)and i will answer u here if u interested 🙂

  6. This game is just another eastern title coming to the west, its called Mercenary assault recon squadron or MARS for short, i think you guys did a video on it . Either way im still excited. MOUNTED

    • If it really is M.A.R.S, I start to get excited about it. On my country there is one badly made version of M.A.R.S and it still is pretty damn good.

  7. Unreal 4 engine maybe? and only 1 engine is enough. xD

    PS: “The usual suspects” you can say that again…
    PPS: You can tell that this game will likely be sh!t from the retarded name alone, if they don’t even try with the name they sure as hell won’t try with the game itself.

  8. Oh god, please don’t give it to En Masse, They Screwed up Tera, what makes them think that, the same won’t happen with any other game?

    And I’m not so sure about this game, sounds like they’re attempting a “Left 4 Dead” type of game here. Which is great and all, but they’d have to make stuff very fancy in order to top a franchise as such. I personally didn’t care for L4D, but you can’t deny it’s undoubted success.

    • i dont get it how did they “crew up tera”?really good graphics big open world awesome combat(ofc u get bored of it eventually like most combats tab target or action ones but still)so what do u mean they screwed up Tera?explain to me if u can

      • Just look at starting area. You have 1 lvl and start killing monsters. Then at like 4 or 5 lvl you find same monsters but with different names or little bigger. And thats is all. How is that fun. If you everytime kill same monsters. For me that was most boring aspect of the game.

      • first of all great dynasty warriors character
        second, I agree with everything that you said and on top of that En Masse doesn’t consists of people who are out to get your money, I trust that theyll make this a great pvp+pve fps

        • thanks Mechrojay and anonymous i personally played till lvl 20ish and actually didnt get bored i mean what u say is indeed true but idk i guess u could say the combat/enviroment of the game kept me interested enough not to pay attention to the questing/monsters in the game and if u think of it most games are just like this kill 20 of this or gather 10 of this so no biggy for me honestly i am just used ot it i guess.In the end its all about the person i like the combat/enviroment u may not like those things and quit the game cause of them.its all bout taste 😛


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