Following the recent storm leading up to the game’s new Season, the Fortnite island has a bit more beachfront property than it used to. So, in addition to the usual endeavor of staying alive longer than everyone else, players now have to navigate the flooded landscape — including avoiding sharks (or using them for travel) as well as new enemies.

Yes, there are sharks, and they’re out to eat you and your loot. But, if you’re skilled enough you can hook them and use them to go water skiing. (Not that I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.) As for the new enemies, players can expect to fight marauders landing on the island.

Another addition in this update is the “Build-A-Brella” feature, which allows players to build and customize their own umbrella by completing various challenges. Apparently players will want to be selective about how they go about this as all modifications are permanent.

If the whole flooded island thing is freaking you out a bit, don’t worry. Eventually the water will recede and new locations will become available. There will even be new modes of transportation available as that happens.

Of course, a new season means a new battlepass. Since there’s a whole water theme going on here, Epic apparently decided now would be a good time for a bit of a team-up with DC and have pulled Aquaman into the game as a skin. So… You know… If you’ve ever wanted to look like Jason Momoa, now’s your time.

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