En Masse hasn’t provided a ton of info on the next TERA update. But thanks to this fairly sparse announcement post, we do know we can expect it on April 17, at which time, it seems gods will be dying … sucks to be a god.

Apparently it’s not looking great for everyone else either, as players will have to prevent some epic apocalypse-scale event — but only after they “watch old friends die.” We’re not really sure if they’re talking about the gods there or … someone else? It seems there will be a need of inner-demon conquering and awakening the power within as well. Seems like this might be one of those mixed bag kind of things.

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  1. I’m a current player, I’ve played Tera since bombfires were used. The current update in the game is already confusing enough. (All are welcomed to join my guild, sword if angels, on fey forest). A lot of classes are getting nerfed in this new update from what I’m reading.

  2. Teraweebs is a beautiful game that withstands time. Best priest class I ever played, perfectly balanced role for solo or group mob bashing or pure raid heal.
    The reasons I don’t play: the game was gutted. Put on easy mode. Open menu get free boosted arm or. Get to end game in a week. What is end game? Standing in town queuing for dungeons to farm tons of mats, then to get to last dungeon you need to spend on enchant mats, or farm millions of gold to buy off the auction from another cash shopper.
    Game immersion destroyed. P2w, and scrappy twitch boss mechanics that people exploit. Never going back

  3. Experiences in Tera was the bridge, it was full of gank players who pounded it constantly at any time of day. I don’t normally leave games, but I said at the time years ago the name fits the game, Tera. I did have a lot of fun creating characters though. but i never got to advance further than the bridge so I left i’m sure that’s what the ganking players wanted anyway. lol

    • Tera used to be fun to play with many different people online but now they act like king and queen in a throne room plus don’t want to help out or group up anymore. (Sigh)

      • Totally agree,
        almost every group now has at least one toxic player in it, more so once you get to dreadnought dungeons and upwards.

        either get some jackass running off ahead screwing ya up, mystics being dps, priests not healing, constant drama when dps think they are tanks and loose hp so fast ya heals just can’t keep up with the damage loss.

        then they bitch and whine and throw constant abuse at healers.

        It’s really not new user friendly any more once you hit 65 thats it pretty much lets abuse everyone time or screw you over.


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