I wonder if this will become a perpetual thing. Having Runescape reborn as a new iteration ever few years. Will the generation that clung to RunesScape still play some form of it when they are old and retired on some space station or floating city? Perhaps eventually it will cease to be a browser based MMO and instead become a “brain based” MMO. Who knows, like many I haven’t played RuneScape in years, but there are many that still do. Today those great many will be happy to hear that the launch date for RuneScape’s latest 3.0 evolution has been announced.

Dubbed RuneScape’s most significant update, the launch of RuneScape 3 is scheduled for July 22nd. RuneScape 3 marks the game’s transition to HTML 5 which notably removes the game’s requirement of Java along with providing a relatively significant boost in the MMO’s graphical merits. However, Jagex knows players don’t play their MMO for the graphics. The launch of RS3 will see the beginnings of player decisions directly shaping the world and its inhabitants.

Because the update is a remodeling of RuneScape and not a seperate sequel, player accounts will remain the same as before. If you happen to log in on launch day, you can check out the special inaugural community-focused world event Jagex is unveiling.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Runescape 3, for the 6 years I have been with runescape 06, to the transition into RS HD to the graphical updates with the new game engine, to now seeing it to be fully used to its full potential. My name on runescape originally when I started was cpottorff, then I changed it to Galorath. But enough of a story. I am proud to see where they are going to see what kids what what gamers want. We gamers want a world and story that we can control the outcome, look and shape of everything, we want a world where our decisions determine what NPC will live and who shall die. Guild Wars 2 offers this many loved the idea of that, of course Runescape offers end game theirs no doubt. I am just proud to be apart of something in the making of something great, finally a game where I will be able to truly shape the world that my character walks in.

  2. Take note, you dozen other western MMO games that still have communities that matter; this is how you do it, you keep trying to make the game fresh, you change the mechanics, even a little at a time. Sure, RS wasn’t exactly complicated to begin with, but it’s built on that over and over. When was the last time ANY other game did an overhaul while still being the same game? I can think of zero.

    WoW broke their world in a later expansion installment, but it still screams 2003. Many of the things they’ve thought of or promised have fallen through too; new dances, new player race models, etc. Finding better graphical and collision boxes in F2P MMOs than the strongest standing subscription based is pretty sad, not to mention the base mechanics haven’t been updated either.

    Honestly though, the best part of this is the ‘no Java’ part. Victory for HTML5.

  3. Rs3 is going to be truly amazing for alot of reasons . First good thing they did is switched to html 5. Now evry eevent will look so lively. The difference can be seen. Second good thing is some new better quality audio with audio dedicated servers. Third is the customisable interface system. Fourth they have for the first time made more prominent and clear the story of the gods . And I cant wait

  4. It’s sad how much Runescape has deteriorated since the release of Runescape 2 and the whole overhaul of graphics etc, you used to see Runescape as one of the most play mmorpgs out there browser wise and honestly much of the time just pc wise only outted by WoW, but now the number of users hardly ever tips over 100k which is honestly sad considering thats a huge dip in population compared to around 5 years ago when you could still find over 500k users on… Jagex really did screw this game up… they keep adding members only content completely ignoring free users yet advertising it as a F2P game what’s that point? Just make it P2P and kill it off already, tired of seeing an old great game like this go down the gutter.

  5. As a long-time active player of RuneScape (9-10 years), this makes me happy and proud. Congratulations, Jagex!


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