Ah, Thursday. The rotation of the only games I actually bother with on the EGS right now — the free ones. This week, Epic is offering players a chance to get their hands on the regular edition of Haemimont Games’ and Paradox Interactive’s sci-fi city builder game Surviving Mars.

The single-player game presents players with the opportunity to build their own Martian colony — while (hopefully) managing to avoid all the pitfalls that comes along with trying to survive in space. Construct domes, do research, explore Mars, and do everything you’d do in a regular city SIM… just in space.

If you elect to snag this game while it’s free, you’ll want to scroll down past the list of editions and check out the add-ons. Some of those are free right now as well. Currently, you can grab the Mysteries Resupply Pack and Space Race. The rest of the related DLC is either discounted or not yet available on the service.

For those wondering, the base game generally runs about $30, while Space Race is an additional $13. The Mysteries Resupply Pack seems to be free no matter what service you’re on. Still, if you grab all of them, you’re saving a bit over $40.

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