Today’s Hyper Universe update introduces the game’s first ranked mode event. Running until February 22, the mode is open to level 15 accounts that have at least a dozen Hypers unlocked.

Player rank is fairly standard: win games, go up in rank, lose and go down. Play and win a lot of matches and you’ll rise through the ranks. Nexon has provided a rundown of everything players will need to know about ranked mode — just in case this is your first time participating in one. You can read all about it on the game’s site.

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  1. rank-que 15 minute waiting (still counting), cannot team-up, but this game is the sole reason why I have a controller on pc (also save up for FF XV :hype:) :thumbsup:

  2. This game is quite a bit of fun, but it has some serious input delay that, in my opinion, really hinders its competitiveness. Pairing that with the fact that one of the maps (of which there are two) is designed quite poorly, as well as the fact that the game does nothing to educate players about its mechanics and you’re likely in for a terrible time, if what you’re looking for is a serious, competitive team-play experience. That being said, I still enjoy playing the game casually.


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