Today's Lost Ark Update Revamps Chaos Gates, Combining Them With Ghost Ships And Treasure Map Content

Players will get better rewards now.

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Lost Ark Chaos Gate Candaria

It’s time to re-enter them Chaos Gates now that they're more worth your time.

Today, an update goes live for Lost Ark that will revamp Chaos Gates — combining them with elements of Ghost Ships and Treasure Map content. The new Chaos Gate will feature waves of demons and three bosses, with each boss defeated granting players combat buffs such as increased attack speed and reduced cooldowns.

Additionally, a special hidden boss may appear after defeating the last boss. The challenge level of the Chaos Gates will depend on a player's Item Level and the number of participants. Four different Demon Legions will make an appearance during the boss battles (each with unique debuffs).

Players can access the MMORPG's Chaos Gates from various continents by interacting with a gate, and matchmaking will be done by region — accommodating 4 to 16 players. Content will reset daily at 10 AM. Rewards for participating in Chaos Gates will include items like Honor Shards, Honing Support Materials, Legendary Engraving Recipes, XP cards, random card packs, Gems, and Gold/Silver. There's also a chance for a Hidden Boss to provide special rewards.

Also, various other updates and modifications to content, achievements, crew skills, and quests are included in the patch.

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