With all due respect to role-players and fashionistas, stats make the character in an RPG. From Dungeons & Dragons’ six core stats to the sometimes overwhelming multitude of numbers in modern MMORPGs, stats are, to a degree, the most important things in any game.

When a game designer, in any field, decides to completely re-design its character stats system, it’s not a decision that’s made lightly — but that’s what’s happening today in DC Universe Online.

The DCUO Stats Revamp changes “all numbers in the game and a major update to gameplay balance, combat, and progression.” Everything is new: new player stats, new skill trees, new power trees, new NPC stats, and all powersets have been updated, with the goal of providing a new foundation for character progression. The Nature powerset even lets you summon puppies!

It’s a lot to absorb, whether you’re still actively playing DCUO or are looking to come back after a long time away. In either case, you’ll have a lot of adjustment to do to keep up with all the changes. Read about them on the DCUO site.


  1. Sounds interesting. I have recently started back playing. I can’t wait to log in to see what they have done to my character

    • How is it now anyways? Last I played was back when the green lantern powers came out I think. It’s been several years.

      • the game super active and got 15powers now with water power coming in agust, and stats revamp is amazing u can now use iconic skills and travelpower atacks insted of super powers,, makes game so much more fun to make ur own power deck with skills, and so on


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