Tower Of Fantasy's First Post-Launch Update Drops Next Week, Debuts New Artificial Island Zone, Character, And Bosses

Meanwhile, the devs are still battling malicious cheating/hacking.

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ToF Artificial Island

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio announced today that Tower of Fantasy's first post-launch update drops on September 15, debuting a new Artificial Island zone, playable character, developer logs, and elite bosses. While the MMORPG has had a successful launch, malicious cheating/hacking is still at large as the devs continue their efforts to maintain control, which may cause issues for this upcoming content patch.

The Artificial Island is a collection of floating isles with new landmarks for players to explore, coming with additional developer logs to obtain and elite bosses sparsely placed over the zone. The upcoming character is Claudia, a military-like Hykros Executor with mastery over one-handed swords and mobility. She has seen her fair share of front lines battles, walks with a strong sense of righteousness, and acts the part of the kindhearted older sister with a chip on her shoulder.

Players can unlock Artificial Island upon reaching level 50 and completing specific story-related missions. What's unique about the new zone is that players can use the Construction feature to create their own exclusive island. By unlocking maps and collecting construction materials, various items could be made for the player-ran island to style it up.

The update drums up some excitement for players interested in the direction of Tower of Fantasy, but plenty are worried about Hotta's steps to get rid of cheating and hacking. Their worries stem from the studio's Twitter post that discusses the ongoing ban battle against cheating methods that have interfered with the game's balance. This isn't new news for Hotta, and fans support the constant attention to the issue, but some call for a "proper anti-cheat," as "relying on reports isn't going to solve the issue."

With Tower of Fantasy heading into its first content update, would changing up their process with anti-cheat actually rout the issue or cause more headaches? Let us know below!

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