A little later this week, Dauntless players will have a new way to purchase and combine cells — with the introduction of the Middleman cell vendor. The Middleman will be introduced alongside two new currencies: aetherdust and ace chips, which are acquired by breaking down unwanted cells.

Players wishing to purchase or combine cells will be able to find the Middleman in Ramsgate, where he’ll offer three cells in exchange for aetherdust at any given time. The available cells will rotate on a weekly basis, so there’ll always be something new to get.

While visiting the Middleman, players can also fuse cells. Fusion is free, but it takes him a while to do it — about 24 hours. This is where the ace chip currency comes in. If you’re impatient, you can use ace chips to speed the process up. That said, the chips are a store item, so unless you really want to pony up some real-world cash, a day may not be that long of a wait.

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  1. Waiting for 24h or paying is not a game breaker for me, as it is still possible to do it free. Still, there is not much content in the game, with store items scarce too. While I feel the developer of Dauntless does deserve a bit of cash, I do not see one single item in store that I would want to buy for money. Potions are not something I would buy there, as the grind for material and making them seems like an integral part of the game and it levels the Alchemy. Dauntles cash shop needs a few costumes. Season costumes would be ok, Hallouween costumes may be a good choice too. Hope the game hype does not fall off before they introduce more stuff.


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