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UPDATE 4/29/2016: The Tree of Savior team announced that the official free-to-play release of the game would be on May 10th.

We apologize for the confusion many of you had on our game’s F2P release date. Due to the changes recently made, we had to push the release schedule back to May. The game will be open to everyone on May 10th, and the exact time will be announced in the future once our regular maintenance hours are confirmed.

ORIGINAL STORY 4/20/2016:Adjustments have been made to Tree of Savior’s pricing on Steam. According to an announcement made on the ToS site earlier today, Founder’s Pack products purchased on Steam had been selling at prices set by the service — causing there to be variances in the price between countries based on their living standards.

This apparently resulted in players in some countries being able to grab the packs for half or even less than than those in Europe and North America. Since the Founder’s Packs offer TP, these players can effectively purchase Tokens at a discount for silver. Creating an imbalance in the market.

To solve the problem, IMC asked Steam to apply different prices to different regions, and announced plans to open another South American sever after EU and SEA server transfers have finished. They also decided to raise the discount on DLC product to 50% instead of the previous 30%.

Unfortunately, these changes in plans have resulted in the transition to free-to-play being delayed until early to mid-May.

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  1. The steam reviews say it all. They handled this game poorly, Trion levels of poor. They are gonna launch with the game having such a bad reputation they’ll have to play catch up til it eventually shuts down when the greedy brain dead decision makers put the final nails in the game’s coffin.

  2. What a shit, again these ugly pokemon faces, ugly looking graphics, neverending conversation , very bad interface and controls, who play this piece of crap, bear grylls.

  3. Its sad to read bad news about game i enjoy playing. Its hurt to hear from IMC about their decisions and excuses. Im following ToS daily for news etc. And it seems they are trying. BUT not enough… Even when they said that one of EA reasons was to avoid bots they have failed hard, and not solving problem, but restricting normal players while problem is not solved. But they are trying and i hope they wont stop, maybe they will find right way… I will give them a little time before i gave up on them, lets see how they manage F2P launch and how they will do few weeks after F2P launch…

  4. Hilarious excuses from another money-sucking project. Just think, IMC games grab money for eu server, put a chart that explaine nobody in the eu region interesting to “bought dlc packs”(all servers in America, huh)! After this accidental coincidence, IMC’s raised prices for early access packs, to protecting us from bots! Then, them doesn’t have much time to sell dlc with new price, and push release to may!
    OMG, these guy’s made my day. The F2P business in 2016.

  5. The game is really good and this is being taken very well and a lot of people are happy about it on the forums, there is also a lot of players so I will stick with it since as long as they work on it, it is fine by me.

  6. I was really looking forward to this game, but the more I read/hear about it the more I’m losing faith that it’s going to be any good, or at least any good in it is going to be completely ruined by these ridiculous attempts to milk money out of it in the most nonsensical ways imaginable. Man I really hate the modern gaming industry sometimes lol..

    • not surprised because they probably know it won’t make that much money when they’re letting all those botters bot and allowing lazy people hold z while afk.

      the game has one of the worst cash shop ideas, this is probably why you don’t trust dev teams from previous popular titles just because their other game was nostalgic or entertaining doesn’t mean their sequel will be just as good.

      one thing in common is that both ro and tos have horrible pvp.


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