Tree of Savior Online has opened its cash shop, offering XP boosts, consumables, costumes, and pretty pricey haircuts.

Steparu took a look at the free-to-play game’s shop in the video above, noting the following conversions:

  • 200TP = 19,600 KRW = $17
  • 300TP = 29,400 KRW = $25

TP can be used for everything from extra character slots and name changes to housing and banking related items. As far as costumes go, the only options available right now are two hairstyles a piece for each gender. One style runs 198 TP (approx $17) and the other 298 TP (approx $25) — so potentially around what you’d pay for a cheap haircut for yourself.

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  1. Look at all those f**king hypocrites, saying it’s totaly okay and no problem at all because it’s one of the rather most anticipated games.
    If any of the crap companies like aeria or trion would’ve pulled that move everyone would call for blood and want their heads served on a silver plate, but nah, it’s okay for this game to expect f**king 15-25$ to even divide yourself from the others cosmetic wise.

  2. Who is playing this toddlers? This is for the simple minded gamers. Click do nothing, feel good about it. If you play this please kill yourself and your parents cut the bloodline.

  3. I don’t mind the high prices at all.

    Let the people who can afford it buy themselves shiny and awesome customization.
    The free players aren’t affected by these purchases gameplay-wise.
    The sub is disturbing though. It is completely unnecessary to force people to pay for basic MMO features. People will gladly spend lots on cosmetics that look badass and/or adorable which lift them above the crowds.

    Free players can save their money and enjoy the game,
    players who pay get the special snowflake feeling they desire,
    developers get a load of money.
    Everyone wins.

    If it turns out as a freemium model, roughly half of the people, including the devs, become losers for whom it could have taken a better turn.

    • Well it’s pay to get a hair cut?

      They took out exp books, and sub doesn’t really get you much (plus its super cheap to buy off the marketplace from players atm).

    • Looks like, the market for free players sucks atm, and you can’t trade with other ppl now, only using the market. And the Premium is like 20$/month, to unlock normal features of all MMOs.
      Sorry for bad english >_<

  4. Thx god that i am rich. Lol 25$ thats nothing. I earn that while sleeping. Lol must be shit to be poor….
    I think more games should do that. I would like to see a game with a high monthly subscription fee
    like 4000$ per month or so. This would seperate the working pesants from there masters and would show them again where there place is…. Under ouer feet in the dirt……


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