To celebrate the new year in Tree of Savior, imcgames is hosting a special Happy 2021 Festival. During the event, which kicks off tomorrow (January 5) and runs through February 16, all players will be able to get their hands on a fairly large amount of useful items for just playing the game.

All throughout the festival, players will earn Lucky Coins for participating in dungeons, raids, and other activities. As expected, these coins are gained at different rates depending on what you do, but once acquired, they can be traded in for vouchers, kits, tokens, and other items.

Players can also get their hands on even more goodies for simply staying logged in for at least an hour. For every hour a day (up to five), players will receive a New Year’s Ticket. They can also purchase two additional ones via the Event shop. These tickets are used to obtain Maru’s Lucky Box which can then be opened to receive a wide selection of items.

There are plenty of items to be obtained — enough to apparently warrant eleven different tables on the event announcement post. So, if you want some of that loot, you know what to do.

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