Tree of Savior is celebrating its fourth anniversary this month with burning. No, not with actual fire, at least as far as we can tell.

In this case, “Weekend Burning” refers to playing a lot to “burn” through content, with +100% XP bonuses on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout April, alongside lots of other buffs and bonuses, all of which are detailed here. Please don’t actually set fire to anything this weekend — unless you’re a wizard who casts lots of fireballs, in which case, flame on!

Other Fourth Anniversary promotions include bonus items for logging in on specific days, as well as the ability to reset your class until April 14. While not specifically anniversary-related, there’s also a new Weekly Boss Raid and Dimensional Collapse Point for characters level 440 and above. Learn more about all the new content in the most recent patch on the Tree of Savior site.

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