IMCGames is getting ready to unleash the Tree of Savior English version beta! Did you miss sign ups? Technically you didn’t. The free to play game is running beta sign ups for this first go around a bit differently. As long as you log into the game’s website prior to July 30th you’ll automatically be eligible for one of the 5,000 beta invites being sent out for the beta starting on August 4th and running non-stop until August 10th.

Fair warning though, the site seems to be having issues getting new users logged in as of the time of this writing.

If you live in a country that already has a publisher for Tree of Savior then you will not be considered as a beta test candidate. Beta keys will be sent out by July 31st.

As a final important piece of information, this particular beta test will focus on environment testing and basic overall infrastructure and will be through the Steam client version of the game.

We’ll keep you posted on any new details as they emerge.

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  1. dark20xx on July 27, 2015

    At first I really was excited for the game, then had the chance to look at the combat mechanics and other stuff. Lost interest pretty fast, still love the art style. Hardly a true RO successor imo, but i’d give it a chance.

    • Kitomiki on July 28, 2015

      Better than RO2

      • dark20xx on July 28, 2015

        Sadly, any other game is more RO than RO2.

    • FTK on July 29, 2015

      It is the successor of RO, don’t criticize game you haven’t played before, got into beta in KR and its better than any MMO out there with no OP SOLO KIRITO FCKERS all around, you can’t and will not survive in this game alone, everything is balanced and everyone has a role to play, so STFU get out of here!

      • dark20xx on July 31, 2015

        I don’t really feel like trusting over-hyped posts by fanboys.

  2. got ya tork on July 27, 2015

    mounted my dick in your face.

  3. Cloak on July 27, 2015

    So I am assuming this is closed beta seeing this article failed to mention weather it is open or closed. Unless I am blind. I dunno.

    • Terranova667 on July 27, 2015

      Yeah it’s closed Beta, open betas don’t need a key to get into them as they are pretty much treated as launches these days.

    • Magicman on July 27, 2015

      Yep. Only 5000 keys would be a closed beta.

  4. Terranova667 on July 27, 2015

    If they can’t get their website servers to work well enough for people to sign up then i don’t have much faith for the game servers, Will try again tomorrow at the moment its not doing well.

  5. Merkadis on July 27, 2015

    I’ll check the OBT out, hopefully their servers Europe ready as well when it’s obt time. 🙂

  6. Bilbo Baggins on July 27, 2015

    Another WoW clone

    • Kirosuu on July 27, 2015

      this comment give me cancer

    • RageGoria on July 27, 2015

      rather than wow, it’s more like PoE, Torchlight, etc imo, try seeing some trailers.

      • RageGoria on July 27, 2015

        Forgot to say that the game’s highly polished and it’s been through few betas, you should try checking it out.

      • Dumbledee on July 27, 2015

        you little twats to young to understand what this game tries to be, with succes.

        • Todoran on July 28, 2015

          Another crap anime 2d mmo for crap anime fan gamers

          • kek on July 29, 2015

            bet you like your tera(loli land) and lig of lolin.

    • Koagz on July 28, 2015

      This is why we need a report button to clear the toxic or have mods remove shit like this.

    • FTK on July 29, 2015

      This little shtty comment should not be here, WTF WOW clone? WOW was made 2004, Ragnarok was made 2002, and the creators of Ragnarok, its game mechanics and style is in this game, WOW is a fcked up boring game, id rather play Ultima online than WOW.