The long awaited Rank 8 update is coming to Tree of Savior in late September. This update introduces the rank 8 classes — 28 new classes in total with 8 of them being original concepts. Information on each of the individual classes is available on the game’s site.


There will be a level cap raise to 330 to go along with the rank 8 classes and 30 new areas to explore. The new maps will offer all new environments and field boss monsters.

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  1. It’s quite impressive how many people play ToS on Steam. Game might be too grindy for my taste but still it’s ok to come back from time to time and I’m happy for it’s success

    • Aye, same reason why i switched to DFO while waiting for Revelation. Any significant loot it TOS requires either god-level luck, lots of prayers to rngsus, or insane amount of mindless grind. I need a reason to grind, like quests. I need glorious purpose.. so yeah, tos kinda doesn’t cut it for me no more. I did enjoy the story though till it got to a point where you can’t solo grind because the mobs become ridiculously op. :>


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