The team at United Front Games is getting ready to release their first larger patch for Triad Wars, the free to play, triad…well…war simulator. While the game is obviously still in beta, it’s nice to see some of the more annoying items being smoothed out or even removed, but those looking for content, multi-player, or more variety should sit this patch out as this isn’t the update you’re looking for yet. Barring any type of massive failure on the developer’s end, this update should go live tomorrow, April 15th.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the update for me are the changes being made to keyboard and mouse control. We’re still waiting on a full post about these particular changes, but United Front Games did say, “Responding to the deluge of feedback around controls we’ve made big changes to mouse and keyboard. I’ll write a separate post detailing the changes. We’ve moved more action things to the mouse, to make control more action friendly- less awkward keys required to pull off moves.”

Other noticeable changes and additions include a few UI improvements like a Raid Start screen that lets you see what favors you’re going up against, improvements to favor status visibility, a player profile screen change to show ranking up progress more efficiently, and a more exciting screen when you DO rank up.

On the gameplay side of things, the cleaver has finally been nerfed so it won’t always be a one hit kill for you cleaver-jumpers. AI has been given its first (of probably many) wave of improvements. This patch allows AI to use favors against you, become more aggressive at higher levels, and starts to become more challenging with new weapons, more enemies, and more rewards on the line.

Tomorrow’s update has more in it as well, including certain changes to the rotation of items in the cash shop. Check out the full post.

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  1. Great game,
    Co-Op missions has already been officially announced (Their currently working on it)

    And other awesome suggestions are floating around the player community. This game will change alot over the year and ill definitely be sticking around to enjoy the experience ^_^


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