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Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars Developer United Front Games Shutting Down

United Front Games, best known for Sleeping Dogs -- and the free-to-play adaptation set in the same universe, Triad Wars -- appears to be shutting down.

By Jason Winter - 7 years ago
UPDATED: Triad Wars Won't Make it Out of Closed Beta?

UPDATE: After reaching out to Square Enix, the announcement has received an edit to make it clear that Triad Wars will be ending service.

By Michael Byrne - 7 years ago
Triad Wars Developer Gameplay Stream Today

United Front Games appears to be listening to player feedback that has come rolling in since the free to play title Triad Wars started its closed beta.

By Michael Byrne - 8 years ago
Triad Wars April Update Coming Tomorrow...Maybe

The team at United Front Games is getting ready to release their first larger patch for Triad Wars, the free to play, triad...well...war simulator.

By Michael Byrne - 8 years ago
Triad Wars Co-Op Raiding and "On the Horizon"

On of the biggest complaints we had when we reviewed Triad Wars on a recent Free to Play Cast was a common complaint you can see on United Front Games' forums or social media; the free to play game just felt like a single play...

By Michael Byrne - 8 years ago
Better Than A Thug - Triad Wars - BombLive

Build a safe house, add some rackets, raid your competition and rise through the ranks of your Triad.

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
Triad Wars - First Look Gameplay

Time to check out United Front Games' jump into the online space with Triad Wars.

By Michael Byrne - 8 years ago
Triad Wars Team Hosting Live Q&A -- Ask Your Questions Here!

Gamers interested in United Front Games' upcoming title, Triad Wars, are about to have another opprotunity to get some of their questions answered live by the dev team. Jason and I have talked about Triad Wars on previous e...

By Michael Byrne - 9 years ago
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting: Triad Wars Livestream Showcases Raids

The guys at United Front Games graced us with another stream of Triad Wars gameplay on Thursday, showing off the action-packed heart of the game: raiding your rival's turf. To prep for a raid, you'll probably want to do a f...

By Jason Winter - 9 years ago
United Front Reveals Open-World Crime Game Triad Wars

As we reported back in June, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has been hard at work developing a free-to-play game.

By Jason Winter - 9 years ago