Earlier this week, Trion experienced server issues across its games. These issues prevented players from being able to log in and resulted in other stability issues. The servers are apparently fixed now, but that alone doesn’t make up for the player experience.

With that in mind, Trion had decided to compensate players in both RIFT and ArcheAge. First, players with Patron status that logged in between November 9 and November 22 will receive a five-day time credit in whichever game they play. Those who are not Patrons can also look forward to something designed to ease the pain.

RIFT players are being gifted with the Bundle of Affinity containing 100 Affinity. The bundle is claimable by one character on the account and can be accessed via the top right corner of the RIFT store page.

ArcheAge players, on the other hand, will receive the permanent cosmetic Turkey pet — Drumstick — and 1 Login Badge representing 21+ days of logins. This pack can be claimed by visiting the game’s site and logging in. Look for the ArcheAge Outage: Compensation pack.

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  1. i cant complain about Trion, i am supporting them since launch of Rift in Early Beta. They are still one of my favourite MMMO Puplisher. I also paid for rift content same with defiance and ArcheAge. i never had issues, i got instant help by the customer service and also A personal call by them to fix an issue asap. Even its free to play, if you want to serious playing free to play games, you have to pay atleast a little bit time and money to get full fun of their games

    • a few thousand dollars = little bit of money?

      looks like you really need to take a look at a mmolist and spend your time and money more efficiently on a better game instead of wasting it on trion šŸ˜

    • Agreed Preciel. I love Archeage but trion had to go and ruin it and make it heavily paid 2 win. I’ve seen some package promos go around a couple hundred dollars per promo. I know games need money but dammit trion is just getting greedy.

  2. I went back for curiosity sake!
    ArcheAge its dead!
    Its still the same and still has a very bad launcher that interrupts your game and demands your PC, it also spys on you.
    Trion Do deserve their name tag as the worst hoster of games (babysitter).
    Trion should never of been allowed to host ArcheAge,
    XLGames should taken Trions rights away immediately during the first phase. But stupid that they seem to be, its now XLGames loss for not doing so.
    Trion are the reason why this game has fallen in the west & will die shortly.

    • Your right. First time I played I had so many issues with the game after an hour I just gave up and uninstalled it. I unsubscribed from trions newsletters but trion still sends me them. They don’t get that I don’t want their crap information anymore. I hope XLGames one day realizes they need to find a new publisher and remove trion worlds but due to the way trion makes them cash I doubt they will. But your right it’s their lost and I’d never recommand archeage even though the concept of the game is good the publisher pretty much ruined the game to the point of no return.


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