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Due to some recent issues with its servers, Trion Worlds is compensating ArcheAge players with a bundle of goodies. This is not a repeat from last month; that was a different issue that resulted in a compensation package for ArcheAge players.

This month’s brouhaha results from ArcheAge’s recent downtime and server errors over the past week. Any player who logged in, or attempted to log in, from Jan. 6-11, is eligible to receive the following:

  • 2 Daru Warrior’s Chests
  • 12 Warrior’s Medals
  • 2 Bound Worker’s Compensation: 1000
  • 5 Merit Badges
  • 2 Eternal Hero Potions, worth 500 honor each
  • 20 Bound Hereafter Stones
  • And 1 extra day of Patron status to Patrons
  • You can get all the details on the ArcheAge forums — and also await the next server meltdown and inevitable compensation package.

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    1. This game was the best mmo I have played . Until Trion screwed it up. The game itself is fantastic so much to do farming fighting sailing treasure hunting random shenanigans but at the end of the day you get out done by credit card duel wielding 12 year olds and people who have no job and spend all day everyday in th game. The rates for everything is horrible I played since beta and left very disappointed. Huge waste of time horrible game and community management. If it had been buy to play I would still be plying this game. If all the cash shop bs went away and just had sub they would have huge community. The guys of this game is amazing to bad trion the meat bag around it is trash.

      • I know I’d come back if the cash shop portion would go away or if they backed off a good decent on it because it feels like they are just doing both to profit and I’m not made of money I can only afford sub or cash shop they need to choose which one to fund not both.

        • But I’d personally hope they back off from the cash shop if I had to pick I really dislike those. And the sub fees are really easy to afford.

    2. too late i left when i realized the fresh start servers were full of total idiot children and the game was just going to be the same as legacy servers over a short period of time they will release the p2w garbage and other stuff legacy has

      it took me 4 days to get sick of AA on fresh start and uninstall, the compensation isnt isnt worth logging in for

      2 chests that already have 0.0001% chances to win good items, big deal? AA chests are known for having low percentages and with the giveaway they prob lowered them even more

      • The compensations really aren’t worth it. When I stopped playing these games this garbage indie dev company that also had horrible support team response times and negative staff members. I decided to try out archeage I had alot of fun but after I realized trion is just a show off and by show off I mean showing off it’s appearance acting like their game is so great when it’s garbage. I admit I love archeage but it’s poorly managed by trion worlds I wish they had a better publisher who actually made better decisions about the game if they did then I’d strongly consider returning to their game. But I agree about the compensation package it’s like they are saying here ya go hope your not mad for the server outages and trying to hope it pleases people. I’m not trying to sound greedy either but if they are trying to compensate the players at least make it something the players want and not just a free coupon or garbage that may please a couple people. This is the type of BS that makes me not like trion worlds.

    3. It isn’t a repeat but it sure feels like one. Trion needs to get better servers.

      (Also for the people who may claim I’m trionisshit I’m not)


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