To compensate players for the troubles had during the launch of ArcheAge: Revelation, XL Games and Trion announced today that they would be offering players a selection of items designed to make up for the whole kerfuffle. The packages vary a bit based on player status and are as follows:

All players:

  • 50 Warrior’s Medals
  • 50 Merit Badges
  • 1 Login Badge

Legacy players:

  • The Iron Eviscerator & Armor — being retired after this release, and will not be obtainable in any other manner other than this pack

Fresh Start players:

  • The White Reindeer Mount & Armor — will be retired after this release, and will not be obtainable through any other manner other than this pack

To claim the free gift, go to the ArcheAge site and log in with your account. You must have logged into game between December 10 and December 22 to be eligible.

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  1. So many compensations. Why don’t just give people stuff instead of even bothering to make updates. This game never fails to acclaim the title of the worst.

    • Yeah. Just wish the devs who partnered with trion would realize how awful a publisher trion is and find somebody else and make trion go out of business.

  2. There no compensation from TRION! They do not care!
    TRION just keep on wanting to make your day a f$%# up!
    This is what TRION do best. Ruin the games play..
    When are the developers of this game ever going to learn!

  3. First of all, THANK YOU for letting us know about this the day AFTER the event end, I really APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH. But on the bottom line, I don’t play this game anymore, so yeah… no loss for me anyway.

    • Yeah it’s a total loss to find out the day after the event ended for the people who still play this game. I don’t play this game either since I found alot of the players to be toxic I found a few non-toxic players but the majority on the server I was on was really toxic and alot of it was paid 2 win so not worth it. There’s alot of things I like about archeage but due to the way it’s being run right now by trion it’s not worth the time or money.

      • Don’t blame MMOBomb for announcing the day after when ArcheAge did not even have an announcement for this Compensation Pack till Dec 23, 2016 @ 10:30 am EST on their forums.

        It was not really an event, the dates are just the dates to qualify for the pack. As long as you have logged into the game 1 time from Dec 10 to Dec 22. Which like for me have only been able to log on 2 times because of the long wait times. Yet I still got the pack since I just saw this just now.

        • exactly correct. if you are gonna throw stones then at least be accurate. people are so quick to be negative these days they forget to get the entire story before casting dispersions. Chase you failed, hard.


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