Rift Primalist

Rift players will soon feel the call of the wild, when the game’s first new calling since launch, the primalist, hits the servers in Update 3.4 later this fall. A new article on the Rift website details the basics of the calling’s mechanics, as well as its souls.

The primalist wears leather armor and wields two-handed weapons, as well as having a ranged weapon with “mystical or totemic significance.” He or she must balance the twin aspects of Fury and Cunning to power the calling’s abilities, which impact their skills and their stats.

The six souls contain a mix of DPS, healing, and tanking abilities. At the top of their skill tree lies the Primal Avatar ability, which lets them don a spectral mask that greatly increases their power for a short period of time. Rawr!

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    • Premium classes… and they say its not pay 2 win… I used to play a lot of RIFT some time earlier but this thing is more of a pay 2 win crap and the most highlighted thing in this is “Premium classes”.

      Those classes while seemed to be not mandatory gets to be compulsory if u want to do raids with good guilds.

      As these premium souls make a class more viable than usual.

      Learn from Skyforge… Trion “scam” Worlds!

  1. Odd, it does say two-handed only, but I would have sworn in the preview video that the Dervish was dual wielding…. so confused.


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