Trion Worlds announced a partnership with the world’s largest eSports company, ESL, to build a competitive league for its turn-based tactical game Atlas Reactor. The first ever competition will occur in two days at the ESL Go4 series. Players will be able to compete for their share of more than $8,000 in cash. The competition is open to North American and European players — who can sign their teams up for the event via ESL’s website.

Trion is celebrating the announcement with an all-access weekend making Atlas Reactor free to all players. This event will kick off Friday, November 11th and run through November 13th.

More information on Atlas Reactor can be found on the official site.

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  1. Their other games might not be great, Atlas Reactor is an extremely good game. The free to play mode is basically an indefinite, very generous demo, but the full game costs $30 flat, for all characters. Even if you play for free, you have a different weekly rotation of free characters to play than everyone else, so it doesn’t get stale.

  2. Atlas Reactor is quite honestly one of the best games I have ever played. And for the record it is NOT a free to play game. It is a buy to play with a free option game. Think of it like a trial. The majority of the community is friendly.

    To the naysayers, let me say this: You are more than willing to pay 60 dollars for the next Call of Doodie, or multiple characters in League or Dota, but $30 for the game, which gives you all the freelancers (champions) current and future and full access to the game is too much?

    As for Trion: They are a company. Companies like to make money. How they do it is their choice. You can sit here and whine about them til the cows come home, but the previous statements still stand. They are a company out to make money.

    Am I a Trion fanboi? No. Atlas Reactor is my first Trion game since Rift was in beta years ago, so before you go throwing names about, know your facts.

  3. what are these comments even?! this game is awesome and there haven’t been any problems with it so far. the characters each have their own very unique playstyle and im having a blast. I’m doing the recruit a friend all access week right now and i dont have to buy the game because its free to play. Just like in smite or LoL you dont have to pay for the heros and they have a unique character rotation. It’s cool as hell you get all the chars for paying the appropriate amount for a game. Why does everyone think that they should just get everything completely free? Game Devs need to eat too. This game has a great community, its tons of fun, it’s definitely worth a try. Especially on this awesome weekend and if you want a free week theres a code generator on the reddit or I’d definitely recruit a friend anyone!

  4. Atlast kinda sucks cuz of the free to play barriers, too much for a free to play game. Goodluck finding League players on that since Korean people aint event touching this S***.

  5. I was stupid enough to go and re try ArcheAge again..Result was..
    ArcheAge is dead and dying faster than ever, hardly anyone plays the game!
    its an empty space.
    ArcheAge also still has the cpu going like mad and the crappiest launcher ever is still running & sending mad mental amounts of emails to you about number codes you don’t want or need. plus it annoys you.
    XLGames is mad to have this company as a baby sitter.
    ArcheAge for the last time. Uninstalled and thoroughly had to clean my comp of every little detail with regging & having to individually go through all files to delete this poor game attached to TRION for last time
    I can not and do not see why anyone would want to entertain TRION, as they are total bullshit baby sitters.

    • I love archeage but I don’t play it because trion sucks as a publisher. XL games makes some cool games but trion worlds is a horrible publisher in my opinion. I’ve tried unsubscribing from trion worlds newsletters and they still keep sending me then lol. Still not coming back to their crappy games even though I like archeage I don’t wanna deal with their crappy service. I’m likely to change my email I keep clicking unsubscribe from trion worlds news letters and they still keep sending me them but not as often as they did. Clearly they don’t get the message I don’t wanna be a customer anymore I’ve had this problem with several MMO devs/publishers which is why I considered changing my email and quitting all MMOs in general since this problem is annoying as fk.

      • Just incase somebody comments just email the support team. I tried but it didn’t work they just gave me the usual BS and I had this problem with some other games also.


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