Once again, players are upset with Trion. This time, the issue is an item included in the $100 credit pack purchase — a hot tub house decoration that offers a sleep debuff removal to the owner when they use it. This gives the owner the ability to sleep twice in a day, regaining Labor points twice as fast as players without a hot tub.

To make matters worse, it has been confirmed by players that even though multiple players can hang out in a tub, only the owner can benefit from the debuff removal. Not surprisingly, players are calling foul, declaring the hot tub a pay-to-win item — a legitimate claim since it will allow those who have it to progress twice as fast.

At present, Trion doesn’t seem to have replied to concerns over the item, so we’ll have to wait to see how it turns out.

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  1. I’d be upset to if I still played this game and knew about this promo they did. Only reason I stopped was because trion doesn’t know how to bring the greatness out of archeage. I mean I love archeage and don’t wanna stop playing it but I don’t wanna deal with trions BS company.

  2. Guys do not stop playing the game if you like the game, simply stop buying stuff it will show that game is fun yet their management is collection of 7 years old seeing a balance sheet for a first time. I know its impossible since there will always be those guys that want to be better then others even if it means fucking up the game you love, but no one going to lose anything if they don’t spend a dime on their scam of cash shop.(Power in numbers) can’t be more accurate when it comes too profits so give em none and make them give us something instead.

  3. Only brainless ideo t s pay to win in this bugged crowded with bots mmo, looks like in rushitj a live lots of ideo ts and spannish ppl not smart also, hard to see anyone else there.

  4. Trion are only alive because of that copy of a Minecraft game, otherwise, they’d be gone!
    As Trion can not managed a packet of biscuits as it would all just become crumbs by the time you pulled the first one out of the packet.

  5. Trion digging their own grave with Archeage, just like Daybreak those companies can meet up and have a chat about how to bring down a whole company with Stupid choices.

  6. People stupid enough to still be playing Trion games have no right to complain. Wake up to yourselves! You keep playing they will keep doing it.
    I will no longer touch anything published by Trion no matter how good the game is. They are worse then the worst used cars salesman. They manage their games like some 13 year old running a private server.
    Do yourselves a favor and stop playing! You will feel so much better.

    • Took my words.Yeah people should stop playing and supporting their games.But like you say, people that play their games are stupid.To be honest trion knows how to bait people…their games are still ok.Not like aeria or another greedy publishers who failed at p2w.This is bothering me.This company is smarter.

  7. All of Trions games have gone way down hill. First it was rift that went pretty much fully pay to win with the recent patches they released so people can now just buy armor and other gear so you can have the best stuff right when you start playing. Now ArchAge has been pay to win since the game launched I’ve only played maybe a few hours of the game and figured it out quite quickly that the game is for the rich who like to spend money on stupid crap that really isn’t going to help yout progress through the game any faster. Trion has gone down the drain sort of speak in the past few years with their games and now the only way to play their games is to give them thousands of dollars for absolutely no fun.

  8. This is not an accurate article, you only gain 100 labor points from sleeping and if you can sleep once more every day you will have 5% more.

    Now is progressing 5% faster equals to what the article claims twice as fast?
    No it’s not, it unprofessional I dont like this in journalism.
    Also it is biased if the author already knew this.

    • yes, you are right. With the hot tub you get extra 100 labor point assumption you don’t have anything else. In reddit, some people said with a dream bed ( 150 labor points bad or whatever they called) and pajamas they even get a ton more.

      Quote “I have a 150 labor bed, + only 2 of the PJs but that is still 250 labor which doubled gets me up to 500! Hell yeah I’m going to use that!”

      Yah I totally agree, Quintlyn need to said it more specific. It’s not only double, it potential tripple or quadro your labor.

      Hell yah super super Pay2win

    • Eh, this is why I dislike this particular author. She’ll just write any old article by hearsay and slaps it on the current wall of shame. This site’s lost a lot of luster for me, and her articles are one of the biggest reasons I barely look here anymore XD

  9. Instead of complaining about it why don’t you idiots all quit playing that obvious scam of a game and force them to shut it down and then you’ll all be happy and Trion will have no more idiots to scam and milk money from….. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!.. but i mean seriously.. there are way better games out there like the fk guys… why you keep playing…


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