Today, Trion revealed Defiance 2050, a “reimagined sci-fi shooter” that overhauls the original Defiance and takes it forward a few years (to 2050). Set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as a free-to-play game later this year, the game offers players an open world environment that allows them to engage in skirmishes and take part in “epic” story-driven missions.

This new game recreates the original from the ground up in order to make the best use of current technology — particularly consoles. Not only is there a visual overhaul, but players can also expect reworked features such as a restructured class system. According to Trion, these reworks are based on things that the community has been asking for. In fact, they state that 2050 is designed with the “original game’s community in mind.”

A closed beta event is already planned for the game, and should arrive in the next few months. (No specific date has been given yet.) Players wishing to participate in the beta can sign up now on the Defiance 2050 site.

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  1. Dabdakka on March 1, 2018

    I was invited to the beta in an email and decided too look around a bit and see what stuff would be transferred over since I had a lot of stuff that I paid real money for in some items.. But it seems most items like vehicles and armor cosmetics are not going to be transferred over and instead people who spent money on the other older game version will get a stupid program that they can earn stuff… Which to me seems more like a slap to the faces of the people who did support the game at the time. Oh well Trion has been going down hill with their ideas.. I don’t think I will bother with the beta.

  2. Meh on February 28, 2018

    This game was pretty fun tbh, but it felt so empty. If the game actually becomes a hit, then it would be pretty fun to play, I just hope they include some badass melee characters/skills.

  3. Mercury on February 28, 2018

    It’s amazing to me that the game still has legs given that the show only lasted a couple seasons.

  4. Deathloche on February 27, 2018

    I’m kinda excited because most fans of the game have been asking for this to happen for years every since the xbox one and ps4 launched

  5. Kevin Flemming on February 27, 2018

    If they actually get a decent server, I will be interested. Especially as it’s pointless playing Defiance at the moment, due to the awful server performance.

  6. Trion Suks on February 27, 2018

    more lockboxes with p2w weapons and synergy 😀 TRIon never change . greedy ba*ds

  7. Rea on February 27, 2018

    Since the Firefall disaster i have been waiting for a new open world shooter (PVE), i like the old Defiance but is just not the same thing anymore, i have hopes for this rework.

  8. Jafarson on February 27, 2018

    free to play like its other games? they mean free to try?