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Remember last week when we debuted a new video show where we bring in the “Free-to-Play Police” and questions decisions or monetization strategies or changes? Our first episode spawned from the article I wrote about Rift’s changes to a few key in game items. Now it seems like Trion really wants to be on episode 2, as well!

Trove, the free-to-play voxel based MMORPG from Trion Worlds, is going to undergo a few changes to their cash shop and, again just like Rift’s changes, new players are the ones that bear the brunt of the changes.

Cubits, the in-game currency in Trove, will now be a bit harder to come by for new players and the items in the shops have had their cubit prices increased. Some of the cheaper mounts have already been removed from the shop. New classes in the game will no longer be available to buy using cubits. Want a new class? Shell out some cash or get your hands on a class coin…something that will no doubt become more expensive in game due to these changes. Classes will also have a slower release schedule now to ensure they are fully fleshed out. Finally, Patron status (Trove’s subscription service) will receive additional perks including making the Patron status required “to access some systems or features.” These features have yet to be announced but look for the above changes to start rolling out to the game’s PTR this week and continue to evolve over the next few weeks.

In light of these changes and the previously mentioned Rift changes, does anyone else think Trion Worlds may be in a bit of a bad spot company wide? Check out the full announcement here.

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  1. think Trion deserves an A-bomb for this move, there’s alot of negative feedback on the forums under that topic, and alot of people are saying gg p2w, and welp time to move on, and or well this is the nail in the coffin for me, good job Trion you really know how to kill a wonderful game like trove.

  2. Seems like they must really need the money, they must be doing more then bad, to bad none of them ever heard about “Path of Exile”. I find there cash shop expensive my self but worth it i don’t feel cheated for buying things in it, and its fair plus there packs that they do always have good stuff in it so people don’t mind buying and supporting them. I mean its free to create in game items right ? so why don’t they follow that example create really nice packs and sell them would bring in extra cash and make the things in shop fair and worth while, don’t raise the price and make it harder for new people to get items by forcing them to buy stuff they could have got threw grinding because i bet you after playing for a day and realizing they cant do or get shit they will leave losing even more players don’t these people think ? do they even play games them self seems like they don’t sad. If any thing lower the price and add more nice looking items that people want let people pay to create there own in game items or do an event sort of like a jackpot spend 5 dollars and have them do a time run or quest or dungeon or pvp anything really winner or fastest time wins the Jackpot paid in in-game currency witch is free for them to make i mean really ?!?. its so many ideas they can do to bring in money but they don’t i call that lazy a company full of lazy people just sad


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