Trion Worlds Moving Forward with ArcheAge "Server Evolution"

Michael Byrne
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It's not uncommon at all to see your favorite MMO, no matter how popular, take steps to bring players closer together as the game ages. Most of the time this process normally includes the dreaded "server mergers." While that works for many games out there, even if it does lead to cries of "the game is dying," how exactly do you accomplish this feat when land grabbing on each server is such an integral part of your MMO? ArcheAge is currently testing options to accomplish just that with what they call "Server Evolution" for their free to play MMORPG.

What is "Server Evolution?" Well, simply, it is the merging of a few low population servers but instead of merging them into one existing server, all the players on the low population servers will be merged onto one, brand new server. This means LAND RUSH!!!!!

Yep, you read that right. Both NA and EU regions will go through this process but right now only details about the NA evolution are published. While not final, the list of NA servers considered for the Evolution based on low populations includes Enla, Ezi, Calleil, Inoch, and Lucius. Servers not being considered are currently Aranzeb, Kyrios, Ollo, Naima, and Salphira.

All players on impacted servers will be placed on the new server with none of the previous land or housing claims they previously owned. All land will be up for grabs. While Trion Worlds' Director of Community Relations states that this "means that servers that are NOT evolving may have people upset that land barons and slumlords get to keep all that real estate under lock and key," it also means that players who own land now are going to have it taken away in the process. Needless to say this isn't sitting well with players on the forums.

There's still a lot of time before this happens (currently scheduled by year's end) as Trion Worlds works out the details on guilds, character limits per server, and other technical issues that could arise, but one thing is for sure, Trion Worlds seems to love a good land rush!

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Discussion (23)

Jd 8 years ago
Wow so many haters posting here. I can't think of a single mmo that I have played that did not do some sort of server merge along the way. I really don't understand all of the people who seem to be surprised and angry that this is going to happen in this game. (or when it happens in any game for that matter). I guess todays gamers just need something to bitch and cry about. I am new to this game and have really enjoyed it so far. Anyway, have fun with the game or quit playing it. Stop crying in the forums every time a game makes a change that you don't like because you all sound like a bunch of little bitches.

Kat 8 years ago
They IP banned me from the login servers for saying that blizzard had nothing to fear from them. Gotta love Trion.

Rachel 8 years ago
YEAHH!!! i love this notice, now the land barons and the greedy players will have another land rush, if u didnt liked this notice just quit the game... i'll love to get the best spot for my lands, the AA comunity dont need more mimimi and QQ... cry more!

MIKE 9 years ago

ama8o8 9 years ago
Only trove and rift are worth it ...why the hell do they not focus on those 2 games.

Mr. Ethical 9 years ago
good game gone bad, thanks for nothing.

Mentiroso 9 years ago
LAnd Rush = Cash grab = Profit. Trion are milking their whales without mercy.
I cant understand why ppl still playing this Shit game full of hacks and sploits.....

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Doomex 9 years ago
Welcome to Failage.Where u will se failing and shitty logic at it's finest.
puts THE PRODIGY - voodoo people
-Gonna love to see people rushing on mounts to capture housing spots
-People who got lot's of house scrolls and money will spam it on lands and sell them for income to players who didn't move as fast as them again.At first when Archeage started we all got a chance because we all started from 0 . Now the people with money will try to grab all spots even if they grabbed their previous spots from last server.Why?Because ppl are greedyXD
-I wonder if people will spawn at a same spot..or at the spot they previously logged off(house spot/castle spot)so he can put again his house on his previous house spot.
Glad i left this mmo ages ago when i saw where it was going.Only people with no brain and masochist's would play this mmo..

Xiosade 9 years ago
ok how the hell can a core game feature not be available to every1 in the first place,what chance does a new player have ........there should be phases for EVERY build location and managed constantly,moving houses through phases so thers no full empty ones etc etc.....this game is such a tard stupid idea this way its sooooo not worth playing, ofc its dying its just another bad cash swallower nothing else

Hmmm 9 years ago
Either garbage games for like a year or more, or MMO bomb sux now =-( either way I got a limp d!ck and man boobs for life

Hmmm 9 years ago
fk Trion in the neck son!

Countess 9 years ago
Trion has yet to successfully implement anything major related to supposed 'improvements' to ArcheAge.

They initially opened too many servers to reap as much financial gain as possible during the release and every time since then, that they have had a major 'update', more and more players have been leaving because Trion struggles to get anything right when it comes to ArcheAge, so it makes sound business sense for them to cut down the number of servers due to low and continually dwindling populations. Sadly though, for those that have stuck with it through all the downs and very few ups, many have just been shafted and basically told to suck it yet again.

What was a fantastic concept has just been error after error and the last game I would refer anyone to, is ArcheAge as it stands now.

anip 9 years ago
LOL... Land Rush... so stupid
it's basically punishing old long term faithful players from their accomplishments on getting said Lands...
so... in RL term...
Everyone in a City suddenly got evicted and everyone's house is now up for sale to anyone...

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powerslave 9 years ago
Glad I dont play this crappy ass game anymore. Was huge pain with all the bots grabbing the land up, and able to place multi houses, just to resell them. Pay to win game of the biggest P2W out there.

Sladik 9 years ago
So they're pulling an Allods

Greaterdivinity 9 years ago
"Server evolution" ugh, I'm so tired of Trion, and more specifically the ArcheAge teams bullshit. TRION, THIS KIND OF SHIT IS WHY I CANCELED MY YEARLONG RIFT SUB AFTER MANY YEARS AND STOPPED DROPPING MONEY IN THE CASH SHOP.

Bloody shameful, this is like some amateur nonsense, everyone knew these would be coming after they opened up additional servers at launch and that when they did come they'd be messy and piss everyone off.

Seriously, a game with so much promise and leftover hype, even years after it released in Korea, all but ruined due to terrible mismanagement and operation by Trion. I miss the Trion that existed during the first 2+ years of Rift, that was easily the best MMO developer/publisher that I think has ever existed. Since then, it's been a pretty steady decline and it's been depressing as hell to watch.

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Yay Archeage, Boo Archage 9 years ago
No way to say it nicely, great concept for an mmorpg and they trashed it. They will never recover but instead slowly die, although by slowly I mean faster than the like the other F2Ps around it with shrinking populations.

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